Research Areas, Completed Research and On-going Research 

Research Areas:

My research interests and areas of expertise border along Information Systems (IS) and Scientific Computing.

Information Systems

In the area of Information Systems, I am interested in:

  • collaborative modelling, particularly, the analysis and evaluation of “modelling artifacts” used and produced during the collaborative modelling process.
  • group model building (GMB) and game-metaphorical approach to systems engineering (using Group Support Systems (GSS)/Group Decision Support Systems (GDSS)).
  • communication, negotiation and decision-making in collaborative modelling, particularly, the application of argumentation theory and dialogue games.
  • evaluation and selection of  collaborative modelling processes using multi-criteria decision analysis (MCDA) techniques (e.g., AHP, PROMETHEE, ELECTRE, etc.)
  • acceptance and adoption of technology in organizations (especially SMEs) studied using Theory of Reasoned Action (TRA)/Theory of Planned Behaviour (TPB), Technology Acceptance Model (TAM)/Method Evaluation Model (MEM).
  • information and data modelling using Object-Role Modeling (ORM) and Design and Engineering Methodology for Organizations (DEMO).
  • enterprise modelling and enterprise engineering.

Scientific Computing

In the area of Scientific Computing, I am interested in the:

  • application of numerical linear algebra to the development of hybrid pre-conditioners for complex computational (parallel and vector) algorithms.
  • comparative analysis of hybrid pre-conditioners, especially, their performance on supercomputers.
  • iterative solution procedures for solving sparse linear systems which arise from the finite-element discretization of strongly anisotropic diffusion equations.


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The following are the ongoing research projects (to be updated soon).