PIS 9203: Presentation, Scientific Writing & Research Ethics

PhD Students (Computer Science, Information Systems, Information Technology, Software Engineering)

Course Details Lecturer University
Course Unit Coordinator: Dr. Agnes Nakakawa Makerere University
Course Delivery Team: Dr. Benedict Oyo
Dr. John Ngubiri
Dr. Denis Ssebuggwawo
Gulu University
Makerere University
Kyambogo University
Consultation hours: By appointment
Lecture schedule: Wednesday 4.00 p.m. – 7.00 p.m.
This course generally provides principles of systematically writing a scientific article and presentation it or communicating your findings to a global audience. The course also covers aspects of the publication process from the perspectives of the authors of scientific papers, reviewers, and editors of scientific journals.
Objectives: The objective is to give the participants the following:
  •  Awareness of the importance of scientific writing,
  •  Motivation to write scientific papers, and
  •  Prerequisites for publishing in recognized scientific journals
 Learning Patterns:
  • The course unit delivery team will engage students using the following approaches or patterns of learning:
  • Classes will be held as interactive and participatory group discussions among students and between students and the course unit delivery team
  • Reading material which includes manuals, conference papers, books and journal papers on scientific writing and ethics will be used
  • Students will be given challenges to research about and present.
  • Where possible, viewing and discussing of recorded seminar presentations by researchers or leading academics in a given field.
Module 1: Essentials in Writing
No. Topic Lecture Slides Further Reading & Useful Resources/Links
1.0 Introduction ppt pdf
1.2 Research ethics
  • honesty and credibility in scientific writing
ppt pdf Cottrel(2013), Linus et al.(2014)
1.3 Citation and referencing Styles Comparing Citation Styles Examples for ACM, APA & IEEE
  • Citation and References – Intro
ppt pdf Citation Style Chart
  • Chicago Citation and Referencing Style
ppt pdf York University, UC-Dublin, Chicago Manual Online, Harvard Business School, Purdue
  • APA Citation and Referencing Style
ppt pdf Purdue,Monash
  • MLA Citation and Referencing Style
ppt pdf UCD Library, Purdue
  • Harvard Citation and Referencing Style
pptpdf Nothampton, South Wales, Anglia Ruskin
  • ACM Citation and Referencing Style
ppt pdf Hamphshire, ACM Guide
  • IEEE Citation and Referencing Style
ppt pdf
Paragraphing and Logical Flow
  • linking paragraphs to make the logic clear
ppt pdf
1.4 The refereeing and publication process
  • What referees are looking for,
  • How to deal with reviewers, editors, and publishers
ppt pdf